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Grove Primary School

Ethos and Values 

Mission Statement

The mission of Grove Primary school is to form a partnership with parents and the community to prepare our diverse group of children to become life long learners.  We will do this in a nurturing, safe environment with high expectations so they will become healthy, responsible, productive citizens in an ever changing society.

Our School Aims

  • To develop healthy, happy children who are able to form positive relationships and who feel safe and secure in their environment.
  • To develop children’s confidence and skills to become independent learners who make independent choices.
  • To set high expectations for leaning so that children achieve their full potential.
  • To provide an enriched, creative, inspiring curriculum in a stimulating environment.
  • To empower children with life skills by helping them become competent in literacy, numeracy and technology.
  • To develop the children’s sense of respect, responsibility and belonging to the school community by celebrating and utilising the cultural and religious diversity of the local area.


Core Values

  • We are kind and caring
  • We look after our school
  • We always tell the truth
  • We listen and try our best
  • We show respect

At Grove Primary School we believe that children have a right to feel valued and respected.  In order to maintain an environment conducive to learning the children and parents will be involved in developing clear expectations and boundaries through school.

Adults play a vital role in providing positive role models for children.  It is essential that adults are kind, consistent and fair and always praise appropriate behaviour encouraging respect for others and school property.  In turn this promotes a sense of pride and belonging in our diverse community.

We believe the way forward if to work with parents to encourage good behaviour.  However, clear procedures are essential if good behaviour breaks down.  (See behaviour policy.)

We believe that teachers should inspire confidence in learning with a sound knowledge of the subject and the child’s stage of development.  Teachers will have clear expectations, be enthusiastic, well organised and consistent.

We believe that children work best in a stimulating environment conducive to learning, where they feel valued and secure.  This develops confidence and mutual respect within a calm and harmonious atmosphere.

We aim to provide all aspects of the National Curriculum including pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.


The Governors and staff aim to ensure that all pupils have equal access and opportunity to learning regardless of their needs which may include, Sensory and Physical, Communication and Interaction, Learning, Emotional & Behavioural or English as an Additional Language.  Management of additional provision at Grove Primary School to ensure access and inclusion of all pupils is met through effective differentiated classroom reaching and support, individual and group support from Learning Support Assistants, structured programmes in withdrawn small groups and ‘Outreach’ support from specialist agencies.

Individually tailored programmes are developed to meet pupils needs and reviewed with parents at regular intervals.

Learning And Teaching

As Grove Primary School pupils are taught in single age mixed ability classes.  Class size are 30 or under.  Pupils are set for mathematics and English in year 2, 5 and 6 (wherever resources allow).

We use a topic approach focusing on a key text to deliver all areas of the curriculum.  By capturing children’s imagination it encourages a passion for books and knowledge of authors whilst providing a context for learning key knowledge and skills.

The use of a ‘big picture’ and mind mapping techniques enables pupils to make links between different areas of learning.  Our aim is to offer a stimulating, calm, harmonious atmosphere conducive to learning.  We use music to engage the mood of the children offer regular breaks or changes to activity to stimulate them and access to water to ensure they are refreshed and ready to learn.

Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility of their learning with clear expectations, target setting and success criteria allowing them to measure their achievement and become independent learners.  They are set challenging activities that allow them to explore and develop independent thinking skills and a problem solving approach.

Pupils are given the opportunity to work in different groupings developing skills of co-operation and negotiation whilst recognising and valuing each others contribution.

Music is fundamental to our school ethos.  Through participation in music lessons and assemblies all pupils are able to enhance their knowledge and experience.

The school has a successful orchestra and choir and is able to offer tuition in a wide range of musical instruments.  We take part in the Redbridge Festival at the Royal Albert Hall and hold a music concert and termly musical productions which parents are invited to.