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Grove Primary School


Dear Parents and Carers,

I am delighted to be able to write my first letter as the new Headteacher of the Grove Primary School. I feel extremely honoured and privileged to have been chosen to continue to build upon the success the school has already achieved under the leadership of Mrs Debra Webb.

I have been teaching in schools for over 30 years. I was previously the Headteacher for a primary school in East London; prior to this, I spent 14 years as an Educational Consultant and a School Improvement Officer for Haringey Local Authority.  Being a mother, I am very much aware of the responsibility that my staff and I have in ensuring that the highest standard of teaching and learning is achieved. We have a hugely committed team and wonderful children, which of course, is an excellent place for any new head to start.

For me, the needs of the children are always paramount in the planning and decision-making within a school. I strongly believe in providing children with exciting, creative, and meaningful learning experiences, which build their enthusiasm for learning and help them grow and develop positively in various ways. In addition, I think it is crucial to involve the children and their families as partners in their education. I am also keen on building a whole school community that thrives on mutual respect and values positive relationships.

We will have a positive and successful future working, growing, and developing together as a whole school community. The Grove is a school that children love coming to and provides an all-around educational experience in which everyone can flourish.


You can be assured that as Headteacher, I will strive to create the best education for your children whilst they are members of our school family. So please come up and introduce yourselves outside school – I will attempt to be at the gate before and after school each day. I look forward to meeting more of you in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully,