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School Council 

What is the the school council?

Every two years the children in Years 2 to 6 vote to choose a school councillor for their class.  It is a completely democratic process.

The School Council is the ‘voice’ for all the children at Grove and there are regular meetings where all manner of things are discussed.

The School Council play a very important role at school and its members really enjoy being a part of it.  You can easily spot a School Councillor as they wear red jumpers!


School Council 2023

Year 2


2J School councillor: I wanted to be a school councillor to help make the school better for all the children.

2A School councillor: My class voted for me because they knew I would listen to them.

Year 3




3C School Councillor: I want to be able to help lots of children and welcome new people to our school. If there is a problem – I will solve it!

3B School councillor: As a school councillor I will try and listen to what my class tells me and discuss it during our meetings.

 Year 4


4R School Councillor: I want to be able to guide the younger kids and help them if they have a problem. I am kind, trustworthy, caring and a good listener.

4N School Councillor: I am really looking forward to having the meetings with the school council. Wearing my red jumper means everyone will know that I am a school councillor.

Year 5



5B School councillor: I think I can help change things to make them better. I think I have good leadership skills and am organised and responsible.

5P School councillor: Everyone can come to me with their ideas and I will listen and speak for you!

Year 6


6W School councillor: I want to be the voice of the class! I am an excellent communicator and listener and very approachable. I promise to help make our school a fun place to learn.

6C School councillor: Together let’s make Grove an even better place to learn and have fun!