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School Council 

What is the the school council?

Every two years the children in Years 2 to 6 vote to choose a school councillor for their class.  It is a completely democratic process.

The School Council is the ‘voice’ for all the children at Grove and there are regularly meetings where all manner of things are discussed.

The School Council play a very important role at school and its members really enjoy being a part of it.  You can easily spot a School Councillor as they wear red jumpers!

Below you can read what each School Councillor has said about the job.

Year 2

School Councillor for 2CD "I wanted to be a school councillor because I am responsible and kind.  I like to share ideas in our meetings."

School Councillor for 2J "I wanted to be a school councillor so I can help people and solve as many problems as possible.  In the future being a school councillor, I want to help as many people as I can."

Year 3

School Councillor for 3C "I wanted to become a school councillor because I'm interested to learn and be more involved about the school.  I hope to challenge myself into developing, leading and managing with communication skills." 

School Councillor for 3N "I wanted to become a school councillor becasue it is suh a fun and interactive role and it challenges us.  I would hopefully like to raise money for charity and have a fun year group race.  I would also like to have a multi-cultural day to celebrate our religions."

 Year 4

School Councillor for 4AB "I wanted to be a school councillor becasue I wanted to make a difference to our school with ideas from me and my class.  Ihope that we can bring in more fun activities to our school."

 School Councillor for 4C "I wanted to be a school councillor becasue it will build up my confidence and I will make new friends.  I enjoy meeting everyone and getting to wear a red jumper.  I hope to make the school a better place for everyone."

School Councillor for 4SB "I wanted to be a school councillor becasue I want to help people and make them happy.  I also wanted to make changes and organise things, like more equipment for playtimes so that everyone can have more things to do during that time."


Year 5

School Councillor for 5B "I wanted to be a school councillor because I want to help the school be a better place.  I enjoy helping others with their needs and concerns.  I hope to make Grove Primary better and to help the teachers and kids."

Year 6

School Councillor for 6c "I wanted to become a school councillor becasue it's a fun job and I can help make the school's environment safer.  I hope to make other children happy by helping them if they're stuck in a situation or soemthing that they need help in sorting out."

 School Councillor for 6M "I am thankful to have been given the opportunity of being a school councillor.  One of the best things about being a school councillor is that we are visilbe.  With our red jumpers, anyone can see us from a far distance and know that we are school councillors.  This makes it really easy for suggenstions on how to change/improve the school."