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Grove Primary School

School Uniform

The school has a school uniform and we expect all children to attend school in school colours.

You can read our full School Uniform Policy under our Key Information tab, then Policies.

Reception to Year 6

  • Emblem royal blue fleece, sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Emblem white or sky blue polo shirt
  • Grey trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore
  • Royal blue/white summer dress

P.E. Kit

Indoor Kit:

  • White emblem P.E. t-shirt
  • Navy P.E. shorts (no leggings)
  • Plimsolls or trainers

Outdoor Kit:

  • White emblem P.E. t-shirt
  • Navy P.E. jogging bottoms/sweatshirt
  • Plimsolls or trainers
  • Socks MUST be worn


  • Emblem royal blue fleece or sweatshirt
  • Emblem sky or royal blue polo shirt
  • Black/navy/grey jogging bottoms, skirt or shorts
  • Black velcro plimsolls
  • Royal blue/white summer dress


Headscarves – plain navy, black or white. Either removed for gymnastics or of a type that is tightly secured around the face so as not to put the wearer at risk.

Hair adornments- these should be plain and functional. Long hair should be tied back for both girls & boys.

Shoes – sensible plain black/brown or plain black/brown trainers (No logos or colours).

Sandals –  plain black or white (socks must be worn with sandals).

Socks or tights– plain black, navy, white or grey.

Jewellery – earrings must be small, plain studs, removed for PE days (Newly pierced MUST be covered for up to 6 weeks then removed).

Watches- can be worn if your child can tell the time, NO smart watches allowed. All watches MUST be removed for PE days.

Religious jewellery is permitted but must be covered or removed on PE days. Anything worn around the neck  MUST always be removed for all PE sessions.




  • sensible plain black/brown or plain black/brown trainers (NO LOGOS/COLOURS)


  • plain black or white (socks must be worn with sandals)

Socks and Tights   

  • plain black, navy, white or grey


School book bags

  • A Grove logo book bag is preferable, if other bags are used they must fit in the child’s school tray


Please note:
If the purchase of a sweatshirt, fleece or polo shirt with our emblem is cost prohibitive then you can purchase one without an emblem as long as it is the correct colour.


Rupens Grove Uniform 2022.pdf