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Secondary Transfer Information 2024

Below is a presentation given by Miss Quince for all children moving to secondary school in September 2024





Frequently asked questions:

Can I apply for a non-Redbridge school?                                          Yes

How do I apply for a non-Redbridge school?                                   You must apply for ANY London borough schools (eg Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Newham etc) on your own local authority's form.  E.g. if you live in Redbridge you must put all schools on that form, even if they are not in Redbridge.

Do I put my 11+ option on the list?                                                    Yes, you must put them at the top of your admissions list.  If you put your local school first and they have a place you will be offered that place even if you pass the 11+ and get into the grammar school.  In that case, you will NOT be offered a place at the grammar school.

Atam have a separate form do I only fill that in?                           No, fill in the separate form on the Atam website (following their guidance) but you MUST also put them on your admissions list.

Does Chadwell Academy have a SIF form?                                      No.  The only difference with CA is the sibling and locality criteria.

Is there a chance my child won’t be offered any of our choices?     Yes.  If you only put schools you want and they are a long distance from your home or you don’t have any siblings you may not get a place at any of them.  You must be reasonable and realistic and put your catchment school somewhere on the list.


Please check your Local Authority’s 2024 guidance.